List of Herbs and Spices Used for Cooking

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There are many kinds of herbs and spices. Most of these are used for cooking and medicinal remedies. Herbs have a less strong taste than spices. Some people might like a list of herbs and spices that are used for cooking.

A List of Herbs and Spices

Here is a list of herbs and spices commonly used for cooking. It’s by no means complete, but if you have all these in your larder you’ll be ready for anything!

  • Allspice,
  • anise,
  • basil,
  • bay leaves,
  • caraway seeds,
  • cardamom seed,
  • celery seed,
  • cinnamon,
  • cloves,
  • coriander,
  • cumin,
  • dill seed,
  • fennel,
  • fenugreek,
  • ginger,
  • mace,
  • marjoram,
  • mint,
  • mustard,
  • nutmeg,
  • oregano,
  • paprika,
  • parsley,
  • black and white pepper,
  • poppy seed,
  • red pepper,
  • rosemary,
  • saffron,
  • sage,
  • savory,
  • sesame seed,
  • sweet pepper flakes,
  • tarragon,
  • thyme,
  • turmeric.

The herbs and spices listed above are all very good for enhancing the taste and smell of foods and other dishes. The list of herbs and spices above is not the complete family of herbs and spices available to people but they are some of the more commonly used in the kitchen to add to our everyday foods.
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Tips for Herbs and Spices

It is best to store all kinds of herbs and spices in a cool, dark place far from heat and light sources. Dried herbs and spices do not go bad but they do lose their potency if not used for a long time. Seeds like poppy and sesame turn rancid if left for a while. Most of the whole herbs and spices usually retain their flavor for about a year. Dried and ground herbs and spice are best consumed within six months of the buying date.

Crushing dried herbs in the palms of your hands before adding them to the food makes them more flavorful. Most dried herbs can be substituted with one teaspoon of the dried herb with one tablespoon of chopped fresh herb. Some of the items in the list of herbs and spice above can also be utilized for medicinal purposes and remedies. Most of our medicines today come from herbs and spice and other plants.

Keeping a list of herbs and spices and their uses can be a useful thing to study or even have in the kitchen. Sometimes, experimenting with food and the various herbs and spices available to us can yield fantastic results and also really weird tasting food. You can always read about which herbs and which spices can do what or add flavor to which food but actually tasting it can open your eyes to possibilities.


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  • Caleb Green on September 9, 2010

    herbs and spices can really make any food so tasty and yummy’~”

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    Herbs and Spices are always essential in making the perfect recipe at home and in restaurants:””

  • Dry Scalp Treatment on December 16, 2010

    herbs and spices are great additions for your foods and pastry,i’ve been using them for several years ‘-`

  • Jacinda Lozo on June 23, 2013

    While some people may dismiss herbal remedies as quackery, the use of botanicals is well rooted in medical practice. Ancient doctors methodically collected information about herbs and developed well-defined pharmacopoeias to treat a variety of ailments. More than a quarter of all drugs used today contain active ingredients derived from those same ancient plants.’..^`

    Enjoy your day

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